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Vendor Spotlight | Victoria Selman Photographer

We love it when fellow vendors invite us to meet up and network! So when Victoria Selman reached out to NoLo last year it was a great opportunity to get to know a photographer new to the Annapolis area and chat life, love and business. You might recall seeing Victoria’s post awhile back, which featured some awesome pictures she took of us when we teamed up to bring you the reasons to hire a wedding planner!

Victoria’s approach to taking photos and having a photography business is to keep it simple and organic. Between the beautiful clients she attracts, ideal locations she shoots at, and chasing the best light, Victoria produces perfect images with limited editing needed!

One reason Victoria is such a great photographer is her passion. At one point she was studying physical therapy and headed to grad school. That was until she had an honest conversation with herself. “I decided to stop wasting time on the stuff that didn’t light me up. I said Self, what gets you most stoked? Do more of it. The answer was wedding photography and I am endlessly grateful I took that leap” she tells NoLo. 6 years later she is still doing what she loves with the one she loves! Victoria’s husband, Hunter, is her faithful sidekick on wedding days. The two have known eachother since she was 15!

Victoria says that her favorite part of her job is “meeting people with unique stories, passions, cultures, and perspectives of the world. I am very fortunate to work with clients that are down-to-earth, creative, and enthusiastic about life.”

When asked what makes you different than other photographers in the wedding and event field her answer is genuine and grateful. “Annapolis is home to a wonderful group of photographers. My photography, both my art and my business, is full of who I am – a storyteller, world explorer, lover of the little things, and believer in laughter.” She goes on to say that her and Hunter "bond closely with {their} brides & grooms, who share a similar personality." On wedding days, they all share real-friend-laughter and breathe in the moments of stillness together. That real-friend-laughter is something that Lorinda and I can vouch for. We worked with Victoria at Diana + Dan's wedding this past August and there was definitely tons of genuine smiles and laughter to go around.

I asked Victoria what her dream event to photograph would be and she gave the most perfect answer. “An intimate wedding in Greece where the bride and groom are surrounded by close family, friends, and a light breeze rolling off the cliffs.” In addition to being an amazing photographer, Victoria has such a way with words! Can’t you literally picture that wedding!? Victoria told me that “outdoor, nature-inspired weddings" really excite and inspire her. She also shares that she is inspired by “brides who love nature and adventure!” She describes her clients as “creative, silly, and full of laughter.”

Victoria has a brilliant outlook on free time outside of her business. She explains “I made a pact with myself when I began this journey to create and protect time for myself, my husband, my family, and my friends. I go boxing an hour every morning to stay sane, I love adventuring on weekends with my husband and our great friends, and travel any opportunity I can.” I think that is a great pact for all business owners to make with themselves!

Does Victoria sound like someone you would like to meet and work with? If so head on over to her website. One click through her portfolio and you will realize why she is one of NoLo’s preferred photographers!

Here's a sneak peak:

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