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Kind Words

"Working with NoLo Weddings and Events was an absolute dream come true. Nora and Lorinda were incredibly professional, responded quickly to any/all questions that I had throughout my wedding planning, and attended several meetings with various vendors with me. Their organizational skills were top notch; our wedding rehearsal and reception ran according to the schedule. Any issues that may have occurred that day were (thankfully) resolved without me knowing they even happened. Several guests commented that I was a very relaxed bride and I have to give all of the credit to these two ladies!Words can't give NoLo Weddings and Events the praise that they deserve. They are an extraordinary duo who will transform any bride's vision into a reality!"

Jen + Kevin

"I was an EXTREMELY detail-oriented and attentive bride, and even I would not have survived without a wedding planner. Nora was there for a seamless hand-off about a month out, after I had arranged all my vendors. For those brides that want a more hands-on approach, I can't recommend this enough. As soon as I got busy with other life events leading up to the wedding, Nora took over all communications with my vendors and I didn't have to worry about a thing. If she was unsure of anything, she would always check back in with me. ... At first I thought planners were just part of the crazy Wedding Industrial Complex. Trust me, now I know better. If I could do it again, I would pay a lot more than these ladies charge for what they ultimately gave me -- peace of mind, and a phenomenal, enjoyable wedding day for all involved."

Becca + Travis

"Early on in my planning process, someone told me their only advice was to hire a Day of Coordinator... so I did, and quickly realized that had been the best advice I received! I worked with Lorinda, and she was absolutely amazing. I had a weekend wedding at a summer camp, just in time for Hurricane Joaquin. A LOT of what I had planned needed to be changed on the fly, and I can't imagine what I would have done without Lorinda. She quickly answered a million of my questions, coordinated with my vendors, worked on multiple weather plans, and so much more. Most importantly, she kept me calm on the day of the wedding... despite the crazy weather. I just knew it would all work out, and it did! Lorinda ran around like a little magician all day long and made sure everything was perfect. It relieved so much stress on my end, and I couldn't be more happy about my decision to go with NoLo. Highly highly highly recommend!"

Heather + James

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