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Pinterest and Wedding Planning

When you type “Wedding” into the search bar on Pinterest, thousands of pins will pop up. With several sub categories to help narrow your search, it’s no wonder Pinterest is one of the biggest social media platforms used when planning a wedding. How on earth are you supposed to sift through the never ending pages of DIY tutorials, planning checklists and centerpiece ideas? Here are a few tips on how to use Pinterest to your advantage when planning your wedding!

Wedding Planner

Have a few different boards - Pinterest makes it easy to sort through and categorize your ideas. I suggest having a few boards when using Pinterest when planning your wedding. Different boards for stationary, decor, flowers and photo inspiration would be a great start. Have a private board or one you share with a few people - Before shopping for my wedding dress, I created a private wedding dress board to collect some pictures of the type of dress I liked. Turns out one of the very first ones I pinned was the one I ended up with! I also have a board that I invited my florist to pin on for flower inspiration. This helped her see my vision and offered a place for us to share our ideas. Use specific keywords - The great thing about Pinterest is that there is a huge network of everything you could imagine. So, chances are, if you are looking for something obscure, it’s on there! Follow the experts for inspiration! - I love this list by BuzzFeed. I can tell you that I personally follow over half of those listed and there is no shortage when it comes to wedding inspiration!

Be realistic - There are a ton of great ideas on pinterest, but that doesn't mean you can make all of them happen! Pictures on Pinterest can sometimes be deceiving. Make sure to keep your priorities and budget in mind while pinning. I am SO guilty of this one!

Know when to quit! - Getting inspired and scrolling through Pinterest is great! However, make sure to leave room for your own creativity and vision. Pinterest is great is to get your ideas flowing, but don’t obsess over making your wedding exactly like something you pinned! How do you use Pinterest to plan your wedding?

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