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Alternative Guest Book Ideas

A wedding guest book is a great keepsake and a reminder of who was there to share in your special day! Guest books can come in all shapes and sizes. Traditionally they are bound books with lines for your guests to simply sign their name. However, new and unique guest books are trending in the world of weddings. As you saw in my post last week, I am using a big wooden circle with a “T” on it for my guest book. This was a steal at Hobby Lobby. Brad and I both loved the idea of using this for a guest book at the wedding and then hanging it in our house as a piece of art, all the while reminding us of the family and friends that shared in our celebration!

One of our recent brides opted for a globe as her guest book. It was the perfect choice for her travel themed wedding! You can look forward to more about that fantastic wedding in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. But here is a peak at the globe!

Lorinda put her creativity and talent to use and made a guestbook on Shutterfly. It not only showcased her and Josh’s engagement pictures beautifully, but was filled with quirky and entertaining pages for the guests to flip through and sign.

NoLo’s first wedding of the year featured a metal dish that came with a special etching pen for guests to leave a note of well wishes to the bride and groom. Another great idea is to utilize a piece of furniture. One of the most remarkable guest books NoLo has seen was a bench made by a family member of the bride. The bride and groom thought it would be perfect for the garden in their backyard. How cool is that?

I hope I have inspired you today to think outside the box, or shall I say book-- A little cheeziness never hurt anyone! What are you using for your wedding guestbook?

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