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Getting Grooms Involved

More often than not the bulk of the wedding planning is done by the bride. This is probably because she has been planning her wedding even before you were in the picture...Sorry buddy, blame Pinterest!

However, as long as your groom is willing why not get him involved? Think about it, by delegating jobs and sharing responsibility that means less stress for you. When sharing in the planning of the wedding you are working towards a common goal i.e. the biggest day of your life! Plus, when your bridesmaids are sick of hearing about the cost of peonies for the 147th time your beau will there to lend an ear and help offer a solution. Keep your fiances strengths and weaknesses in mind. Don’t ask them to help you with tasks that play to their weaknesses, I promise you, they will not stick around for much of the planning process. Full disclosure here, I was definitely one of those Pinterest obsessed ladies who had a pretty good idea about what MY wedding was going to look like. However, after getting engaged my vision changed for the better. Brad brought a lot of great ideas to the table and together our thoughts and concepts evolved into OUR wedding. Saying I was eager to start planning our wedding was an understatement! I wanted to jump right in and so we did! From the start Brad was in charge of researching the honeymoon. We had discussed several points to consider when deciding where to go on our honeymoon. The number of restaurants, offering a variety of excursions and the number of pools were all factors that swayed our decision. I was so thankful Brad tirelessly researched resorts and put up with all my questions until we found a great place that both of us agreed was perfect! This was a great job for Brad. He is very curious and thorough when assigned a project so finding a Honeymoon destination was perfect for him. Completing your registries is another area that I suggest getting your groom involved in. Registering for gifts was quite an experience and I was happy that Brad was by my side throughout this step in the planning process. He was great at contacting the stores and setting up appointments for us. When it came time to register, scanner gun in hand it was time to compromise and make decisions!

Finally, Brad has also been great in giving his opinion on the overall design elements. Again, tread lightly with this one, but it is often the case that your man will want to offer his opinion and want to help if you ask him! When we were choosing our save the dates we both tossed around different layout ideas. Now we are in the process of brainstorming ideas for our other stationary and it is nice to have Brad there to bounce ideas off of each other! Ladies, I know it would be easy to make haste decisions and not consult your future groom, but what’s the fun in that? Planning your wedding can be challenging and stressful at times, that’s no secret. However, when you plan your wedding together it is certainly a bonding experience for the two of you. The biggest things to remember is he is not a mind reader and ask for help when you need it! Happy Planning!

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