Ireland: An 8-Day Road Trip!

April 15, 2019

Last year Nora and I took one of my favorite trips of all time-- We spent 8 entire days road-tripping around Ireland and Northern Ireland and it was fabulous! We crammed SO much into those 8 days that we returned home exhausted, but with full hearts.


We shared tid-bits on Instagram but never fully blogged the trip because it just felt so overwhelming to sort through and include everything. But it's about time! We landed at Dulles a year ago today, cameras loaded with memories, and it just feels right to finally share them with you... you'll just have to excuse some of the lower quality iPhone photos!


For the record, it wasn't just Nora and I on this trip. Our husbands were there too, along with two other couples! We spent 8 nights in 7 different places and made multiples stops each day. If you're interested in our itinerary, I'll leave it at the bottom of this post. I'll warn you now... it's color-coded and pretty detailed... we are wedding planners after all ;)


 Apparently jet lag affects my ability to remember to take photos because all that I managed to take photos of from our first day (in Dublin) was Kilmainham Jail, Josh tasting whiskey, and the dinner show we went to.

Our plan was to see Trim Castle on this day, but we weren't going to have time to make it there and ended up at this castle instead. It's literally in the middle of someone's farm and, as a sign on the fence stated, you're welcome to visit as long as you don't let the sheep out! Because how Ireland is that?! It wasn't "touristy" at all and was BY FAR one of the highlights of the entire trip.

 Each couple had their own car and it was so much fun caravanning around the country together!