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The Perfect Wedding Day Emergency Kit

One thing that has taken Nora and I a couple of years to perfect is NoLo's wedding day emergency kit. This is something that we bring with us to every wedding. It's filled to the brim with things that not only the couple or a guest may need, but items that we may need throughout the day as well.

Wedding Emergency Kit

What's in our kit? Here's a complete guide! {Oh and those adorable and genius bins that we use... you can find them at Target!}


-Boutonniere pins

-Safety pins


-Cotton pads

-Mini sewing kit

-Bobby pins




-Hair ties


-Pepto Bismol tablets

-Antihistamine (like Benadryl)

-Packing tape


-Wrinkle remover

-Lint roller

-Static guard

-Clear nail polish



-Tide pen

-Super glue

-Black Sharpie

-Dry erase marker

-Hydrocortisone cream

-Antibiotic cream

-Makeup remover cloths -Mouthwash -Nail files -Tissues -Hairspray -Nail polish remover -Comb -Feminine pads -Q tips -Contact solution We also bring a lighter which just slides into the front pocket of the bag! For all of my other vendors out there, do you have anything else in your emergency kit that you find to be super helpful?

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