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Cruise Annapolis

You guys! Nora and I had the opportunity a few weekends ago to hop aboard one of Cruise Annapolis' catamarans for a few hours and it was FANTASTIC. We sailed with some friends, including the lovely Hannah from HannahLane Photography, and just had the best time. Being out on the water is paradise enough, but discovering that we would be sailing on a three-bedroom catamaran was the icing on the cake.

I was talking to our captain, Sean, while we were out and realized that the company does a lot more than charter their boats for a few hours at a time. They actually offer packages that would be an amazing escape for newlyweds. I’ve lived in Maryland my entire life and honestly had no idea what Cruise Annapolis had to offer so I figured I would go ahead and share with all of you. There are packages that fit every need, from a romantic sunset cruise, to a girls’ night out, but there was one in particular that really caught my attention.. Cruise Annapolis offers a couples’ weekend! You spend your entire weekend sailing and the kitchen is fully stocked with whatever your heart desires. I got to thinking about my couples this year, that had to postpone their honeymoon for one reason or another, and thought that this would be amazingly perfect for those couples. What better way to celebrate, and remain in a state of newlywed bliss, than to spend the weekend after your wedding on a catamaran?! I would definitely consider that a honeymoon placeholder! Bottom line-- Whether you are looking for a bachelor/ bachelorette party idea, an anniversary getaway, a unique exit from your waterfront wedding or a mini honeymoon, Cruise Annapolis can offer a variety of options for weddings! Thank you Cruise Annapolis, and Sean, for showing us what you have to offer. We had an absolute blast and can’t thank you enough for removing us from the real world, if only for a few hours on a Saturday evening.

Photography by HannahLane Photography

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