Your Honeymoon-- Unplugged!

May 17, 2019

You have just married your true love and celebrated with all of your family and friends-- The next step for most newlyweds is going on their honeymoon! Whether you're soaking up some sun at an all-inclusive resort, or backpacking around Europe, social media (and emails, games, etc…) can wait until you get home. 


In the age of social media people post about anything and everything. I mean, there is a reason for the phrase “if you didn’t post it, did it really happen?”. I will be the first one to admit, I love social media! I personally login daily to my Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and Pinterest accounts. I definitely enjoy scrolling through and “like” seeing what my friends are up too. But is your honeymoon the place for that? No way!


The concept of a honeymoon dates back to the 1500’s-- I don’t think I need to get into what the purpose of a honeymoon was back then, but in short it is supposed to be a fun time for a couple to celebrate their marriage and relax as a couple. Obviously! Nothing kills the mood more than someone having to take their phone out to share something with all of their followers. Am I right? You and your spouse should be sharing in experiences together. Not being bothered by comments and “likes.” I am all for taking photos and then posting them all over social media when you return from your honeymoon. Quite frankly, I love seeing vacation photos (honeymoon or not) posted by my friends – it allows me to live vicariously through them and see all the beautiful places! But that's the thing, do it AFTER you get home.


When Brad and I went on our honeymoon we turned our phones off, put them in the safe, and didn't touch them again until we packed up to head home. It was such a freeing feeling not being tied to technology for an entire week! We were able to really connect and make memories together. While we were out to dinner, walking around the resort, and even on excursions, I noted so many couples were staring down at their phones instead of being present in the moment with their significant other. The way I see it, why would you spend thousands of dollars to go on a once in a lifetime trip if you are just going to be elsewhere mentally?


If you do need to make a phone call back home, most resorts have phones in the rooms that allow free calls for the guests.  So please, check in and say a quick hello, but seriously consider leaving social media and technology for once you've safely landed back home!




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